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I believe successful investing is not rocket science. Anyone can maximize their income and independence. All it takes is effort and proper guidance. It is my life mission to help people like you create more freedom, stability, independence in your life. All of my students always feel free because they know they always have a plan B.

A Secure and Diverse Way to Grow Personally and Financially

Creating safe passive income is actually much easier than you think.

We live in a world that is full of risk. Governments, central banks, and pensions can become insolvent at any time. Financial markets are in massive bubbles, and no one knows what to make of cryptocurrency. Despite what you believe, I know for a fact that it’s still 100% possible to thrive whether there is a financial crisis or not. No matter what the media is saying and what’s going on around you, you can always prosper. All you need is correct guidance paired with consistent action.

“Not having an investment strategy is still a strategy in itself, and it’s the worst strategy out there.”

- Noah Laith

When it comes to maximizing wealth...

... there are many people out there that don’t know where to start. They aren’t sure how to find the best investments or what to do when opportunities come their way.

If you are hoping to close the gap ...

... between where you are and where you want to be financially, then you’ve come to the right place. The content I share is aimed at helping you create a safe and secure passive income stream so you can focus on living instead of making a living. I teach people like you how to maximize income, maximize wealth, and minimize risk so you can thrive for the years to come.

Hey, I’m
Noah Laith...

In my industry, I am best known for my unequalled ability to source deals at below market value prices. Though my educational background lies in artificial intelligence, I have been actively involved in real estate and private equity for the past 20 years.

I’ve been on the forefront of various investment companies located all over the world, including Holland, South Africa, Dubai, and Spain. Throughout my career, I have been subject to the trials and tribulations that so many investor experiences. Highs, lows, spikes, disasters, I’ve been through it all.

My current mission is to help others like you avoid the same unnecessary mistakes I have made in order to save you time and money, while also preserving your mental and physical health.

Aside from investing, I am also a keen follower of the vegan diet and a big fan of ice baths (I take one every morning when I’m at my house in Spain). I am a citizen of the world and love languages, as I am fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Arabic.

Please see below and discover the options of how we can work together, and I look forward to meeting you.

Work With Me

Join Our High-Level Mastermind Group

If you are serious about investing with us, then join us in our high-level investment circle. We meet four times a year in exotic and luxurious locations all around the world. Members of this inner circle get access to exclusive deals that are not open to the public or our average customers. This is a big investment and is no small commitment, but if you’re serious about investing and are ready to network up with big-time investors, then this is for you.

With Me

Ready to get in on the wealth and share some of my success? Invest with me personally in order to earn more money tomorrow. There’s plenty of wealth to go around, but this is for experienced and serious investors only. Please remember, your capital is at risk and you may lose all of what you invest. Investments in property are not readily accessible and are therefore illiquid and not covered by the FSCS. Consult our full risk warning for more information. The minimum investment is €250.000.

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