Detox Recipes That Heal

detox recipes that heal pomegranateDid you know that detox diets are good for more than just flushing toxins out of your system? If you already suffer from chronic illness or disease, there are detoxifying recipes that can help you get rid of whatever it is contributing to that illness.

Before you start cringing at the idea of a detox diet filled with lemon juice and maple syrup, listen up because the detoxifying recipes I have for you today will get you hooked on eating healthy before, during and after your detox diet. You can forget about feeling starved or sleep deprived because these recipes only serve to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Know Your Veggies

When it comes to creating your own detox recipes for every day healing you need to know your vegetables. This means knowing why bell peppers are so healthy for you and the benefits of cruciferous vegetables. Small tidbits of knowledge such as this will make it easier to simply toss a few fruits and vegetables into a blender and come up with a really great smoothie that heals. [Read more...]

Digestive Juice Blend

digestive juice blendThis green veggie detox drink is made for those of you out there suffering from digestive problems. The vegetables in this recipe are fibrous, filled with water and have their own unique detoxifying properties.


  • 3 leaves of kale, cleaned & chopped
  • 2 beets, chopped
  • 3 carrots, peeled & chopped
  • 1 turnip, peeled & chopped
  • ½ head of cabbage, rinsed & dried
  • ½ onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, smashed
  • 2 celery stalks, chopped
  • ½ bunch spinach, rinsed & dried
  • ½ bunch parsley

Place all ingredients in a blender and run until smooth. Add water or green tea for a smoother consistency.

Reverse Bad Behaviors Through Detoxification

reverse unhealthy behaviors exerciseFor so many of us, life gets in the way of good intentions and healthy living. Of course you would love to go to sleep at a decent hour, if you could get home from work at a decent hour, cook a healthy dinner and relax before the clock strikes 2 AM. Likewise, you probably wish you had enough time in the day to eat a healthy meal made with fresh vegetables and natural ingredients, but there are simply not enough hours in the world in which most of us live.

Unfortunately this fast-paced eat on the go and sleep when you’re dead way of life is taking a huge toll on our health. We are fatter than we have ever been in the history of humankind, we are more tired and less focused. These three factors combined form a ‘perfect storm’ of sorts that come together to create unhealthy, and sometimes dangerous, health problems.

No matter how hard you try, reversing these bad and unhealthy behaviors can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to accomplish. Reversing these unhealthy behaviors is a good reason on its own to take up a detox diet. Detoxing encourages healthy living, period. This means eating right, cooking (and eating) healthy, sleeping enough each night and making time for physical activity.

If you have a bad behavior you’re feeling desperate to get rid of, read on to learn why it is so important that you do toss it aside and quickly. [Read more...]

What Is The Best Way To Detox?

best way to detox healthy dietWhen you mention the words ‘detox diet’ to most people you will be met with a distasteful groan or exasperated eye roll. The mostly negative view of detox diets is due in part to the high rate of failure and the harmful side effects of a bad detox. What is important to know, is that those bad things are really “operator failure” rather than anything actually associated with a proper detox diet.

By ‘operator failure’ I mean it is something that the person detoxing does—that is not in line with suggested detox dieting guidelines—that leads to failure. Many people look for a shortcut through the detoxification process and unfortunately there simply is no shortcut. The only thing that can guarantee a successful detox is following all the recommended steps.

Contrary to what many popular fad diets will tell you, there is a right way and a wrong way to detox. The guidelines listed below will help you discover the best way to detox. Your next detox will be a success! [Read more...]

Beauty Benefits of Detoxing

beauty benefits of detoxing hydrationMost people don’t associate detox dieting with beauty benefits but when you think about good health benefits you will see that shiny hair, glowing skin and white teeth are also benefits of clean and healthy living. The tenets of a good detox diet provide significant rejuvenation to the skin, and when undertaken as a lifestyle can enhance natural beauty.

It should be noted that a fresh food detoxifying diet will not make you more beautiful by transforming your features, but rather by enhancing them. Following a detox diet lifestyle will improve health, vitality and overall appearance. The cleansing properties of a detox diet contribute to beauty in a number of ways, which we will discuss today. [Read more...]

Detox Diets You Should Avoid

detox diets to avoid pillsUndergoing any type of lifestyle change is difficult whether it is quitting smoking, taking up a new diet or going organic. The amount of misinformation available about detox diets makes it difficult to muddle through the mess and discern the truth from fiction. Since detox diets are back (again) and more popular than ever, the level of misinformation is higher than ever and the big money fad diets are getting all the publicity.

Detox diets have made in comeback in popular media thanks to celebrity endorsements and clever marketing ploys. But most of these popular diets have serious flaws that not only don’t contribute to wellness but may have a negative impact on your health and the problems you seek to correct.

The good news is that most of the detox diets you need to avoid fall into a few key categories making them easy to spot. The bad news is that they often hide the negative side of their diets so you’ll buy the products associated with it. [Read more...]

What You Should Know Before You Detox

Prepare your shopping list before you detox

One of the most difficult aspects of beginning a detox diet is finding credible information about how to safely detox. Between misinformation and the extremely lucrative weight loss industry, finding how to detox properly requires a certain level of diligence. And no one is going to be as diligent about your health as you.

Detoxing is a process that cannot simply be accomplished by purchasing a sack full of fruits and vegetables, or maple syrup and cayenne pepper. If you go into a detox diet blindly you are setting yourself up for not only failure, but negative side effects as well.  It is important to have the facts at your disposal and take care of any preliminary tests that may be required to keep you healthy and stable during the detoxification process.

I’ve come up with a few things I think it is crucial to know or do before you begin a detox diet.

[Read more...]

The One Thing All Detox Diets Need

one thing detox diets need time

In this age where we expect everything to happen as quickly as a Facebook post or Twitter feed, many people find difficult to actually wait for anything. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight, getting healthy and reversing disease. Unfortunately when we talk of the human body and its many intricacies, the one thing we cannot do it speed up the process.

Removing toxins is a process and it is not one that can be sped up simply because you are ready to get healthy now. The quickest route to success in detoxifying is patience. You will need to be patient when food cravings hit, or when you really want a smoke or a cocktail or else you will succumb to those cravings.

Then there is the whole ‘lifestyle’ factor that you have to consider. Changing how you eat, sleep, exercise and see the world is a major life change; it is not something that can be accomplished in a few days or even a few weeks. You may not succeed your first time out of the gate, but if you have patience with yourself and the process then you will succeed in the end.

Why should you wait for your healthy new life to start? Well, a few reasons actually…

[Read more...]

How You Know It’s Time to Detox

time to detox and eat healthy

Have you been feeling bad lately but you have no idea why you can’t feel better? Are your symptoms physical and psychological but you don’t feel as though anything significant has happened to cause such a change in your well-being? These are signs that your body is overloaded with toxins and is long overdue for a detox.

Unfortunately these are not the only signs; there are a great many illnesses, symptoms, sicknesses and diseases that could indicate that your body needs to rid itself of harmful toxins. The reason you cannot identify an exact reason for your fatigue, sluggishness, nausea, dizziness or sickness is because there isn’t one exact thing that occurred recently acting as the culprit. The reason for your current state is years, if not a lifetime, of ingesting unhealthy foods and beverages as well as other environmental toxins and not evacuating them quickly or efficiently enough.

Like all chronic illnesses you may just feel as though your symptoms have come from out of the blue, but it has been steadily building up over time and you simply haven’t exhibited any symptoms. This is the way in which chronic illnesses work; no symptoms present in the early stages. Now that you have been exhibiting symptoms you are prepared to treat them, but are you prepared to do what it takes to reverse those symptoms?

A healthy lifestyle combined with regular detoxification is the most effective way to reverse certain illnesses and to prevent nearly all illnesses and diseases. So how do you know that the time has come for you to detox?

[Read more...]

Toxins In Your Life

reduce toxins raw foods

So you think because you’ve quit smoking and you enjoy a mostly vegetarian and totally organic diet that you don’t need to detox? If that is the case, you would be wrong. Toxins are everywhere in our daily lives. Toxins come in primary methods which are those that you ingest or absorb directly due to your own actions, and secondary methods which are environmental and occur without any action on your part.

But before we get too deep into where toxins exist in your life, we need to talk about the word ‘toxin’ or ‘toxic’. When we talk about toxins we don’t necessarily mean something that will instantly make you deathly ill or send you straight to your grave. Toxins are unhealthy substances that get into the body through any one of the elimination systems. What makes these toxins, toxic is that they make the elimination systems work inefficiently, which means these toxins seep into the blood stream and that is how we end up with short term or chronic illnesses.

Now that you understand toxins it is time to talk about how they get into your body so you can start cutting them off before they get close to you!

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