A Step By Step Guide To Detoxing

Ever wished that you could feel younger, sleep less, wake up with more energy and reverse your health issues?  Probably, but you also thought too good to be true, right?

That’s what most people think but I’m going to share a story with you that blows the whole “too good to be true” notion right out the water. My sister and I had been struggling for years, trying to find treatments for our mother who suffers from Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, chronic inflammation and a poor immune system. It seems like not a day went by when my sister and I weren’t having an intense discussion about the next course of treatment.

It wasn’t until our mother woke up screaming in pain and had to be immediately taken to the hospital that my sister and I decided that we would no longer accept so called common wisdom on our mother’s condition. Based on her symptoms it appeared she suffered from diverticulosis, so we researched any and all forms of nontraditional treatment to treat not just the diagnosed problem, but all of the other problems contributing to diverticulosis.

What we discovered was so simple, yet so complicated: detoxing.

What is Detoxing?

Detoxing means to eliminate or neutralize the toxins from the body so healing can take place.

The human body comes with its own natural detoxification system that filters toxins out of the body. These elimination systems—skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines & lymphatic system—all play a role in breaking down toxins and pushing them out of the body.

When people get sick as my mother did, the body’s natural detoxification system isn’t working as efficiently as it would if the body were healthy and toxin-free. Thanks to mental distress and decades of ingesting and absorbing toxins, my mom’s elimination systems were working at half speed, which caused the body to become toxic. That means she was so full of toxins that symptoms such as headaches, chemical imbalances, fatigue, aches & pains and gastrointestinal problems were commonplace.

We decided to set her on a path toward detoxification, which I’ll get into more later, in order to heal her body from the inside out. Mom, of course, would only agree if I joined her on this journey which I was happy to do as it now lets me share my experience and knowledge with you.

My goal in this series of articles is to provide you with a library of information on detoxing. You will learn the many ways in which toxins can compromise your physical and mental well-being. As I have spent the last 3 years trying different detox techniques—failing and succeeding—I know there are certain tidbits that you need to know before you detox.

Detoxification requires that each person becomes more in tune with your body so that you listen when your body is sending signals that it is unwell. Whether these signals are sent before you detox or during your detox, I will help you identify these signals and offer solutions.

This journey that you are ready to begin is an amazing one that will lead you on a path to good health, vibrancy and a philosophy that will mental, physical and spiritual health. Too often, I find, we are focusing on the wrong things in life and that can contribute to our poor health. What good is it to have all the money in the world if you do not have your health to enjoy it? And what good is it to have love in your life, if you can’t enjoy it with the intense vibrancy love deserves?

Detoxing and a healthy lifestyle is about so much more than a healthy diet, but it is important to understand what is a healthy diet and what is not; it is about an awareness of your body in the physical and mental sense. It is also about finding a balance in how you share this space with the world around you. You have a responsibility not only to yourself to live a healthy life and keep the earth healthy, you also have a responsibility to leave this earth to your children—in a better condition that it was handed to you by your parents.

To strive for health, wealth, happiness, and success is as natural to your creative mind as it is for a bird to fly. In this world, there are no limits to what you can become and what you can achieve. You deserve to reach your highest potential, which is vibrant happiness on your terms.

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