Superfood: Introduction

Introducing SuperfoodsHalf of the world is overweight and underfed! That’s because most people eat food that is very low dense in nutritients. What if you could eat less and have no cravings and feel all day energized. One way to do this is to implement superfoods in your daily food intake and discover the powerful benefits of maximum nutrition, protein, flavour, health and energy. The good news is that you will never be too old or too young to start! So, why not start today? Superfoods are nutritionally dense and rich foods, loaded with a tremendous amount of antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins, which your body needs, but can’t produce, on its own. They are vibrant and offer a terrific dietary fulfilment of natural healing. You must eat them in its most natural raw way and are organic at all times. Every day more and more people are opening up to explore superfoods to eat the healthiest way possible. Superfoods are also low in calories and have no Trans fatty acids. How awesome is that! They can be both food and medicine. Superfoods represent great sources of clean, hormone-free, pesticide and chemical free nutrients as the following:

  • Protein
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Good fats
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Glyconutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Coenzymes
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Polysaccharides

The reason for taking raw organic superfoods is that they are superior in all nutrients named above and much more. Nature provides us with natural living raw foods. Have you ever wondered how the people cooked their food ten thousand years ago? Well, they haven’t! They lived much longer and much healthier, because they lived of the food that came straight from the earth. So, if they could live without fast food, empty calories, oil drenched meals and fat, there is no reason for you not to choose the healthy way. Even chimpanzees in the zoo, eats raw food instead of unhealthy or cooked food. The superfoods mentioned in this series, are loaded to the top with living enzymes and the most enzyme rich superfoods on earth! Enzymes is the basic reason why superfoods are eaten raw. The focus within this series will be upon the top 10 superfoods, which is the following:

  1. Spirulina
  2. Goji Berries
  3. Cacao
  4. Bee Products
  5. Hempseed
  6. Aloe Vera
  7. Coconut
  8. AFA Blue-Green Algae
  9. Maca
  10. Marine Phytoplankton

Why You Should Add Superfoods to Your Diet and Daily Lifestyle

More than 50% of the population are obese and overweighed. If you are obese, you are open for any disease and chronic illnesses, which means that the quality of your life will decrease. You will face daily issues like headaches, back pain, joint inflammation, skin problems, insomnia, arthritis and threads of cancer. All these diseases and pain will eventually exhaust the will to live. I am sure that you don’t want to walk this path of poor health, because you deserve the best! Change your lifestyle into a pain-free journey with utilizing the power of superfoods. Your lifestyle can have a make-over right now, by choosing the best foods ever-superfoods. They are known to be the natural source of healing and to improve the severity and symptoms of nearly every major disease known, including:

  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • All types of cancer
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Diabetes (types 1 and 2)
  • Eczema
  • Heart Disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • High blood pressure
  • HIV infections
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Insomnia
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Poor immunity
  • Skin disorders

All these disease conditions named above can be healed, through eating healthy and choosing superfoods.

Produce a New Immune System Naturally

As you read this series about superfoods, you will see a pattern on what all superfoods have in common. They all work actively to pre-load the immune system with the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system to raise a healthy immune response. If you are familiar with the health trends world-wide, you would’ve probably noticed that it’s all about the immune system. With a healthy diet, based on raw organic superfoods, you stand a chance to improve your health in a way it has never been improved before.

Cleanse Your Body From the Syndrome X Factor

Superfoods BenefitsMostly everyone that’s raised on an American or European diet, has consumed mineral-deficient foods, food sprayed with pesticides, hormone treated meat and dairy products, refined sugar, grains and salt. All these foods are contaminated with toxins and overwhelms your body, causing a metabolic syndrome named “Syndrome X”. So what exactly is this “Syndrome X”? Well, Syndrome X causes your body to be unable to lose weight, combined with a dysfunctional immune system and low energy levels. Adding superfoods to your diet can break the hold of Syndrome X on your lifestyle and allow you to lose weight and achieve the goal of a perfect health condition. When adding superfoods, Syndrome X can be turned around and you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. To be able to handle the metabolic change, you need to proceed on your own pace. Don’t force your body to achieve the goals faster than it can handle. Gradually move up the pace as soon as your body is ready. To ensure that your body heals naturally, your body needs to get rid of all poisons, toxins, chemicals and pesticides as well as getting rid of excess fats. So, how does superfood cleanse your body from all these toxins? Superfoods have a much higher level of energy and deliver more healthy goods to your cells, which fights off the toxins in your body. This process is called detoxification.

Acidity Levels and Weight Loss

Scientists and health writers are publishing more books and blogs every day on acid-alkaline. Before you read on, let me first explain the meaning of “acid-alkaline”. Acid-alkaline is the pH balance in your body, which allows normal body function to resist any disease. Now what is pH balance exactly? The pH is known as the Potential of Hydrogen, which measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale consist from 0 to 14 and 7 is neutral. The lower the pH level, the more acidic is the solution and the higher the pH level the more alkaline the solution, which means it’s neutral. When the pH levels are imbalanced, the inner environment of your body becomes more acidic, creating a breeding ground for diseases. Three main foods are needed to stop the breeding grounds inside your body for diseases to grow. They are:

  1. Green Superfoods
  2. Green Vegetables
  3. Herbs

So, I hope your favourite colour is GREEN! High acidity levels can cause your body to be overweight, through keeping the extra water to dilute the acids. Here we can see that your body hates being acidic. If you don’t get rid of it, your body pushes itself to get rid of it, which can cause damage and pain. When your body has a high level of acidity, the excess water that is kept will store itself in the fat tissues, which cause cellulite and weight gain. Also note that when you detox your body, you may release acids from your tissues and fat cells, which leads to weight loss and decreasing cellulite. If these acids are not met with the high alkaline minerals in the form of green superfoods, herbs and green vegetables, then the following problems can arise: hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, dental problems and mineral bone loss. Eating superfoods is your insurance policy for health and a long life!Superfood Benefits

Every day we are faced with different diets and weight loss products, but we all know that it doesn’t work. So, then what works? The human nature don’t like things to be taken away from them. What this means is that most of the diets states “don’t eat that, eat this”. Then the human mind already gets filled with the things they are not supposed to eat. So the solution is: Instead of taking foods away from people, how about adding foods in their diets? This will introduce people to new food textures, flavours, colours and combinations. These superfoods will make them feel so good, that they will eventually leave the bad food. Now that’s awesome! In this way, your diet and the diet of the people around you will change into a healthy lifestyle, without trying. Any of these superfoods mentioned in this series, can be added into anyone’s diet at any time.

Superfoods are Fun

When you bring superfoods in your diet, don’t make the mistake of thinking that its boring and dull. IT’S FUN! You can create your own recipes for smoothies, shakes, salads, snacks and much more. No guilt and no fat. You will be filled with energy, health and focus to live an axcellent quality of life. Over time, you will feel that the world is a much more wonderful place than you could have ever imagined, because you will feel healthy and motivated every day.

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