What Is The Best Way To Detox?

best way to detox healthy dietWhen you mention the words ‘detox diet’ to most people you will be met with a distasteful groan or exasperated eye roll. The mostly negative view of detox diets is due in part to the high rate of failure and the harmful side effects of a bad detox. What is important to know, is that those bad things are really “operator failure” rather than anything actually associated with a proper detox diet.

By ‘operator failure’ I mean it is something that the person detoxing does—that is not in line with suggested detox dieting guidelines—that leads to failure. Many people look for a shortcut through the detoxification process and unfortunately there simply is no shortcut. The only thing that can guarantee a successful detox is following all the recommended steps.

Contrary to what many popular fad diets will tell you, there is a right way and a wrong way to detox. The guidelines listed below will help you discover the best way to detox. Your next detox will be a success! [Read more…]

5 Ways You Can Avoid Vitamin B12 Deficiency for Vegans

B12 food“Are you mad? You’ll be needing a ton of supplements, especially Vitamin B12, if you want to become a vegan!” That was the reaction of my friends and doctor friends when I told them I wanted to try a raw vegan lifestyle. So I went away and I read as many books I could about vitamin deficiency and how to avoid it. As a result, I’ve come up with this post, which tackles the good, the bad, the ugly, and how to avoid vitamin B12 deficiency.

You see, I’ve found that no matter what kind of diet you follow, when a certain vitamin or mineral is consistently missing, imbalance and disease can occur within the first 2 years, and often much sooner. One of my goals in life was to have an abundant, thriving energy level and to achieve it through effective sleep, sport and food.  So obviously I wanted to know if the vitamin B12 myth was real, and if so, what exactly causes vitamin B12 deficiency?

Short Answer: Vitamin B deficiency is caused by poor or [Read more…]