Bowel Disorders Part 2 – Colitis

colitis symptomsWhen it comes to bowel disorders there are many reasons why we suffer needlessly. First and foremost is that many disorders, like colitis, share symptoms with other illnesses like the flu and food poisoning. Then there is the issue of self-diagnosis, a recent phenomenon that only serves to exacerbate the problem and prolong treatment. There is a major difference between a simple upset stomach and a serious bowel disorder, but it is better to be safe and seek treatment than be sorry that you didn’t.

Specifically I want to focus on colitis because people often go for long periods of time without seeking treatment and that can lead to lifelong colon problems. The good news is that colitis isn’t so dangerous as to be life threatening, but the symptoms are uncomfortable and unpleasant that you’ll want to treat the colitis right away and prevent it when you can.

Before you can even begin to talk about treating or preventing colitis you need to know what it is, what it looks and feels like and the causes of colitis.

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