Bowel Disorders Part 1 – What Is Constipation?

bowel disorder_constipatedWhen we have “upset stomachs” or any other uncomfortable feeling in the tummy region our first instinct is to retrace our culinary steps to see what food or beverage is the culprit. While often it may be a bad burger or expired milk causing your digestive system to go haywire, it may also be emotional problems or your body’s way of telling you that something far worse than a bad meal is affecting you.

In our society we tend to shy away from discussions on “messy” topics such as digestive or bowel disorders. Unfortunately that is why so many of us are afflicted with bowel disorders, because it is often the last thing we think of when we feel ill.

Think of the last time you felt unwell; what did you do first? Retrace the food you ate to determine what could have possibly made you sick? Did you jog your memory to see if you were recently near someone who was sick? Or did you recount your recent lack of sleep, levels of stress and anxiety? Chances are good your investigation stopped after you remember that late night curry bowl, but the truth is the insomnia or stress is a more likely culprit for your bowel problems.

It isn’t just me who believes this either. Dr. Bernard Jensen (45) has often stated that emotional strain is one of the largest strains on the bowel, and it is the one which we are least often aware. In fact Jensen believes it is a symbiotic relationship: our emotions affect our bowels and our bowels affect our emotions. Since our daily lives are filled with a range of emotions we will start with the most common of all bowel disorders: constipation.

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Why You Have to Take Care of Your Stomach

healthy life exercise yoga“Take care of your stomach for the first fifty years and it will take care of you for the next fifty” – MD. Steven Smith on his 100-th birthday

How many times in the last twelve months have you felt sick or fatigued for no apparent reason? You suffer a few symptoms for a couple of days and then miraculously you feel better and forget all about those several days of misery. Have you ever stopped to wonder why these bouts of illness are so sporadic? One of the primary causes of this is what we call ‘autointoxication’, specifically intestinal autointoxication. When the bowels are not performing effectively, leaving too much waste inside the colon and giving bacteria time to grow, intestinal toxemia occurs. As a result of this toxemia the body starts to absorb too much of its own waste. One of the many problems with toxemia and autointoxication is that there are no clearly defined symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose. If you don’t know your symptoms are due to toxemia, then you likely won’t seek out a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. Without a proper diagnosis effective treatment is unlikely and the best you can hope for is treating the symptoms, which do nothing to stop this cycle of illness and fatigue. In fact there are many different health problems linked to toxemia and autointoxication, which is why a detox diet and an improved lifestyle and diet plan are crucial parts of a healthy life. [Read more…]