Who is Noah Laith

Finding Health Against All Odds

Asthmatic since a young age, I did not grow up athletic. One day, against the advice of doctors and his parents, I decided to go outside and run for 1 minute. The next day I ran 2 minutes. Determined, I changed my diet and continued to run more each day until one year later on April 10th, 1993 I ran the Rotterdam Marathon as the youngest participant. If at age 16 I could run a marathon and my Asthma was gone through exercise and food, what other challenges did conventional medicine give in treating this and other health conditions?

Can we believe the status-quo?

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely in support of modern medicine when it is needed; however, I also come to recognize that much of the time conventional medicine treats SYMPTOMS and not root causes. Living healthy is the best thing we can do, but unfortunately, in the age of mass media and marketing, we have been led to believe that nutrition can come in a vitamin pill or a 5 minute workout and our individual knowledge and access to good health has been muddled and lost.

So How Can This Blog Help You?

My personal research has helped me to help 82 people eliminate diabetes symptoms in a period of 8-12 weeks, some even shorter while they were using insulin for many years. His nutrition advice and knowledge has also helped resolve gallbladder problems in only 5 days, when conventional medicine advised a trip to the operating table! Even if your health is not yet so dire that you are in need of an operation, even if you are simply fatigued by daily life, this blog can help you feel great!

This blog is about showing you how to detox your colon, your skin, and your whole body. It will give you practical advice that addresses not only your body, but also your home — from your kitchen to your bathroom — to help you to get rid of diseases, allergies and to never be sick again. No flu, no sore throat, no lying in bed all winter! No headaches, no feeling down or those awful midday crashes.

Only thriving awesome energy throughout the entire day. Each day. Every day!

Achievable? Yes!

Noah Laith invites you to learn how he has not been sick for even 1 day in the last 12 years. Noah uses health strategies known to great holistic doctors, but that are usually unknown or ignored by mainstream society.  You too can use these simple strategies to sleep less and enjoy your food while thriving and living your life to the fullest.

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15 Surprising and Fun Facts about Noah:

  1. He was born in Bagdad in 1977, but at the age of 2, his parents flew out of the country due to the political instability.
  2. He survived by coincidence the tsunami of Thailand in 2004.
  3. He lived in 8 countries by the age of 11.
  4. He has 2 mother languages.
  5. He takes only cold showers.
  6. He lived for 2 weeks on the streets of Sydney when he was 19.
  7. He has a Msc. in Artificial Intelligence.
  8. He sleeps an average of 5 hours a night.
  9. He used to eat 400 grams of meat each day to get his protein before becoming vegan and discovering another (super)food that has way more protein than meat.
  10. He is addicted to salsa dancing.
  11. He has been vagabonding for the last 5 years between Africa and Europe.
  12. He truly believes that everyone owes it to themselves and to their family to become medicine independent and to have your best day every day.

I love to hear from you on your journey to better health.

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